Health advice for young people in care

No one said it was easy being a young person, however, it's important to remember that there are lots of people and organisations out there to support  you - because you matter, and we really care!

Health support from the specialist nurse

If you're a young person aged 13 and over, or the carer of the young person, you may need confidential advice and support about a range of issues. We have a designated nurse dedicated to supporting the needs of all young people in care.

We can advise you on every aspect of general health including stress and anxiety management, healthy eating plans, relationship issues, teenage pregnancy as well as sexual health and keeping safe. We can discuss any issue on a one to one basis in private and we can visit you at home or wherever you choose.

If you have concerns about any health issues or just want to have a chat, talk to your specialist nurse or social worker. If you prefer, the nurse can see you for your annual health assessment at a location and time of your choice. Any issues you have can be discussed in private. We do NOT automatically tell your carer or social worker what you tell us. Like all responsible adults we will keep confidential what you ask us to UNLESS we as adults think this could seriously harm you or others.

The dreaded dentist

Actually the ones we know aren't really that bad and it's important to have your teeth checked every six months. Regular dental check ups are available free on the NHS every six months. If you need help finding a dentist let us know. Instead you can come along to our free dental clinic drop in sessions every six months at Bradenham Close.

And get your eyesight checked too

You will be offered a free eyesight check each year up until you turn 18. After that it will be your responsibility to visit the optician and you will then have to pay - so have it done while it's free!

Sex and relationships

We can advise you on relationship issues and all aspects of sexual health, teenage pregnancy as well as holding regular sessions on sexual health and keeping safe. There's nothing you can't talk to us about - in fact, the more scary the better!

Want to know more about preventing a pregnancy or having the chlamydia test? Confused about contraceptives? Or not sure whether your friend has given you the correct information?

Your specialist nurse can talk to you about everything you need to know. Talk to your carer, social worker or specialist nurse if you are worried or confused.

Healthy lifestyle options

Healthy eating

Try to eat regular and balanced meals and try to eat fresh food and 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. This helps keep you fit and well. Read the labelling on food packets and avoid fast foods as much as possible (they are expensive and usually have too much fat and salt). We help you make healthy choices. Talk with the nurse, or group worker at the adolescent and after care service who runs cooking workshops.

Recreation and sport

Keeping active helps improve your overall health, your mood and keep a healthy body weight. Even if you are not very sporty you can still be active - like taking a walk, visiting a park, starting a dance class or whatever. Being active can reduce stress levels and gives you the time to think clearly.

Have a positive outlook - make positive choices

Gangs, friends, bullying, peer pressure, drugs and alcohol.

A healthy body can help towards a healthy mind. Getting fit and active will help you maintain a healthy mind and body. But if you feel anxious or depressed tell someone. We all feel fed up and need help at times. It's often good to talk to friends but also best to talk to an adult - such as your carer, keyworker, teacher, social worker or specialist nurse, who can help you to talk through the issues you are worrying about without judging you and help get you any more support you need.

Other services

We can provide information and if needed refer you to other services (eg mental health, stopping smoking, drugs and alcohol or stress and anxiety, call us and we can point you in the right direction). If it's helpful we can attend appointments with you or if you just want to have a chat about anything, contact us to have a meeting or talk over the phone.

Page last updated: 14 September 2017