Southwark Psychological Therapies Service

SPTS offers free talking therapy to anyone aged 18 or over living in Southwark experiencing low mood, depression, stress, or anxiety. If you are finding that any of the above is getting in the way of your day-to-day life or preventing you from doing the things you want to be doing, then SPTS may be able to help. 

Are you experiencing low mood, anxiety and/or depression? Do you want to:

  • overcome panic
  • worry less, feel more relaxed, and enjoy life more?
  • feel more confident in crowded places or travelling on public transport?
  • learn new ways of keeping low mood at bay?
  • "Pick up the pieces" after setbacks in life have left you feeling sad and down?
  • feel more confident meeting people?
  • free yourself from excessive checking or washing?
  • cope better with bad memories of things that have happened to you?

Southwark Psychological Therapies Service may be the service for you.

What we offer

We offer a range of services from workshops, groups, one to one, telephone support and vocational support to help with work.

Locations of therapy

Therapy services are available in:

  • GP surgeries
  • hospitals grounds
  • community settings such as in Children's Centres

If you would like to refer yourself to the service please contact us on 0203 228 2194 or email us at for more information. 

Alternatively you can talk to your GP and ask for a referral to be made for you.

Page last updated: 29 September 2017