Choosing a trader

We do advise exercising caution when getting any home maintenance or improvement works done. You should never deal with uninvited doorstep traders or pay large sums of money upfront. For major works, payment should only be made in stages based on completion against an agreed schedule of works. Be wary of responding to leaflets through your door or posting your job needs online without doing additional checks. Remember good traders are mostly booked up weeks, or even months, in advance and unlikely to be able to start works immediately.

Citizens Advice has published guidance that should help you save time, money and stress and ensure you choose a reputable and reliable trader. By following a few basic ground rules you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim. Read the Citizens Advice guidance

Where you can't get good local recommendations then there are a number of schemes that could help you find good traders and some examples are listed below. Southark's own Builders Award Scheme has been discontinued due to the prevalence of other schemes in the marketplace.

Examples of schemes

You can also refer to our pages on rogue traders and doorstep crime for more advice.

Page last updated: 27 February 2024


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