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Thriving High Streets Fund round one – funded projects

Through round one we funded a variety of great projects and initiatives to help Southwark’s high streets adapt to a range of challenging economic factors, and become thriving, adaptable spaces that are fit for the future. 




Alexandra Rose Charity

“We’re seeking a Thriving High Streets Fund grant to fund £20,000* of Rose Vouchers to support 80 families on low incomes; and £5,000 to provide new promotional and publicity material to raise the profile of the project, boost business for our partner traders and enhance the shopping experience for families. “

Peckham, Elephant and Castle/Walworth, Borough

Bermondsey Project Space

“A series of three arts events which offer a platform for creative individuals and enterprises in Southwark to promote their work in a prominent arts area. BPS will offer two paid internships for each event to young people from underrepresented backgrounds, who will gain work experience and develop professional skills.”


Big Local Works

“To create two community ‘anchor’ market stalls on the Blue Market employing local people, providing genuinely affordable, culturally diverse, and environmentally sustainable products, sourced, where possible from local businesses – supported by seven healthy lifestyle and wellbeing events, to promote the Blue and its businesses to a wider audience”



Camberwell Identity Group (SE5 Forum)

“The Camberwell Identity Group application proposes a programme of inspirational projects that build on the Camberwell. Life love local and Camberwell Business Champion campaigns by bringing together the people, systems, marketing to ensure a thriving, sustainable, green town centre reflecting Camberwell’s diversity and is fit for the future.”


Carnavel del Pubelo’s


“Carnaval del Pueblo’s (Cdp) ‘Creative and Resilient Entrepreneur Project’ CAREP will nurture 15 marginalised Latin American(LatAm) aspiring entrepreneurs (food preparers, crafts, artists) without qualifications, certifications or experience to ensure ‘trader ready’ status and locate an empty high street shop front to enable traders to share flexibly a permanent store.”

Elephant and Castle/Walworth

East st. Community

“To revitalise East St market to create a welcoming and inclusive environment that attracts increased footfall and trade. By empowering traders and promoting cultural events, the project seeks to improve the traders self-governance, customer service and understanding of equalities and diversity.”


Goldsmith’s University

“Cultural Activation on Camberwell & Peckham’s High Streets

We will work with independent high street businesses to develop and deliver creative and cultural activity, in turn, to increase footfall.

We will work with cultural anchors in Southwark and with the Council to connect cultural infrastructure and activity with the local independent business eco-system.”

Peckham and Camberwell

Making Connections

“Making Connections is a community arts event series for Peckham’s Old Waiting Room beginning in September 2023. Local arts and community groups will co-create workshops, discussions, movie screenings, live music, talent shows, installations and Lost Text Found Space will stage an inclusive adaptation of Noël Coward’s popular train-themed Still Life – setting the groundwork for the OWR as a long-term arts cooperative.”


Peckham Palms

“A programme of 30 public wellbeing, music and food events to promote the Black and female-owned businesses at Peckham Palms and locally. The events will increase footfall to The Palms and introduce new customers and visitors to our fantastic tenants, facility and hidden part of Peckham.”


Tree Shepherd

“Our project seeks to provide 3 objectives for small black and women-owned businesses within Canada Water:

1. Provide training opportunities to business owners.

2. Facilitate networking events to promote sharing.

3. Create eight market-style events to drive revenue and attract people to return to the high street and town centre”

Canada Water

Urban Elephant

“Urban Elephant 2023 is a cross-cultural festival of contemporary street culture. Using creative interventions to connect the old and new high streets and the businesses of Walworth Road, Sayer Street, Elephant Park, and Castle Square. Animating and placemaking the Elephant and Walworth as vibrant high streets for the future.” 

Elephant and Castle/Walworth

Page last updated: 04 July 2024

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