Southwark Economic Strategy 2023-30

The Southwark Economic Strategy sets out how we will work with partners to achieve a fairer, greener and more resilient Southwark economy that benefits everyone.

The strategy is in three parts.

1. Introduction

Highlighting the strong foundations we build on, the first part of the strategy summarises the strengths and challenges of Southwark’s economy and describes the change we aim to see by 2030. 

2. Our vision for Southwark’s economy by 2030

This section details our vision for Southwark’s economy by 2030 as:

  • A high growth, low emission economy
  • An economy with opportunity for all
  • An economy of good work

3. Towards an economy that works for everyone

This section sets out how we will work through local partnerships to deliver on our vision for 2030, under the themes below.

  • Investment and growth
  • A greener economy
  • Thriving high streets
  • Inclusive neighbourhoods
  • Extending local ownership
  • Southwark’s Youth Deal
  • Good work for all
  • Skills for now and the future

Download the full strategy (PDF, 5mb)

Page last updated: 18 January 2024


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