Licences issued by other bodies

Charity collection licence

The office of the Mayor of Southwark is responsible for supporting charity collection licences that are then issued by the Metropolitan Police. Only four or five of these licences are granted in the borough each year. Licences to collect are normally granted six months in advance, so it's important to plan ahead.

There are two types of charity collections covered by these licences, street collection and door to door collection. In either case, you must put your request in writing, including:

  • the charity's name
  • the date of collection
  • the location of collection

Door supervisors

Any person wishing to work as a door supervisor will need to hold a Security Industry Authority licence.

If you hold an old Southwark registration, we advise you to contact the Security Industry Authority and apply for a new licence as soon as possible.

Mini cabs

Mini cab licences are dealt with by Transport for London.

Nursing agencies

Nursing agencies requiring licensing should contact the Care Quality Commission.

Petrol filling stations

All petrol filling stations within London hold a petroleum licence. They are subject to approval of any works and regular inspections. There are licence fees, dependent upon quantity of petroleum stored.

Visit the London Fire Brigade's website or contact the Petroleum group for more information.

Poisons (non-medical) licence

Applications for a new licence

Due to the amendment of the poisons legislation in March 2015, you are no longer required to apply for a licence to sell poisons from the council after the 26 May 2015.

The Home Office will now be issuing all new licences. Please visit the Home Office website for information on how to apply for a licence.

Current licence holders

If you currently hold a poisons licence with the council which expires in 2016 you will not need to renew it, due to the above change in the legislation

Page last updated: 16 November 2017