Auction registration

You'll need to apply for an auction registration if you intend to sell goods by competitive bidding from the following types of premises:

  • halls, rooms, stalls, marquees, vehicles;
  • sites which are used or hire out for "one day sales"; and 
  • any premises or land where goods are sold by auction

Eligibility criteria

The registration is a one-off application and is valid indefinitely.

Regulation summary

To sell goods by competitive bidding in the London Borough of Southwark you may need to register the premises in which you carry out an auction. A registration will be given by the council under the provisions of the Greater London Council (General Powers) Act 1984, Part VI.

Applying for a licence

You can apply for a new registration online. We advise you to read the guidance notes (pdf, 27kb) before registering.

Once your application is submitted and paid for online it is automatically sent to the responsible authorities, so there is no need for applicants to send in paper hard copies.


A permit costs £670 per year.

Application process

Once your application is received, you may be contacted by a member of the licensing team to discuss your application.

If you're experiencing issues applying for a licence or if you have any questions, contact us on

Page last updated: 30 May 2018