Southwark Employment and Enterprise Development Scheme (SEEDS2)

The Southwark Employment and Enterprise Development Scheme (SEEDS2) has seen great success over the last few years. Through the SEEDS2 project, Southwark partners with local small businesses to help pay the wage for young residents with barriers to employment.

If you’re a local business with 1 to 49 employees and are looking to expand your workforce, whilst investing in your local community then SEEDS2 is the perfect project for you.

Through the project you’ll be supported to recruit an eligible young local resident at London Living Wage for either 6 months or a year. We’ll ensure you receive training so that you’re confident and comfortable having a young person working in your business and we’ll provide support to yourself and the young person for the duration of the contract. Southwark will also pay up to 50% of the young person’s London Living Wage.

If you’re interested in finding out more information or would like to get involved in the project, contact Sarah at Inspire by email at or call 020 7740 6868.

Page last updated: 11 February 2019