About business rates

We charge business rates on most non-domestic properties. They’re also known as national non-domestic rates, often shortened to NNDR.

Why we collect business rates

Business rates are how businesses contribute towards the cost of local services. The council keeps 30% of the amount payable, pays 33% to central government and 37% to the Greater London Authority.

Who has to pay

If you're the occupier of a commercial property, you're legally responsible for the payment of business rates. Usually this is because you're the owner-occupier or leaseholder of the property. We're not bound by business rate inclusive rental agreements or other third party agreements.

If a property is empty, the person entitled to possession is responsible for payment of the empty business rate charge.

Booklet and explanatory notes

This is your guide to business rates 2020-21. It includes information on how much you'll pay this year, how you can pay and if you're entitled to any reliefs or exemptions.

Download our business rates booklet and the explanatory notes (pdf, 795kb)

Business rates revaluation 2017

Read more about the 2017 revaluation and relief schemes

Page last updated: 10 March 2022

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