The future of our cemeteries

Camberwell New - The Meadow

Area D1 glade in summer


108 burial plots have been created by bringing an unused area of Camberwell New Cemetery into use as a new burial area.


Some minor land modelling to the existing ground levels was required to prepare the area for burial plots and a new pathway makes the area more easily accessible for visitors.

The scheme requires enlarging the existing glade area; this has been achieved by clearing some of the existing shrub vegetation and removal of 23 trees.

To enhance the current nature conservation and biodiversity value of area 42 new trees were planted, including native species, along with additional native shrub planting and wildflower meadows. The wider woodland surrounding the glade has been retained, including those trees on the boundary with One Tree Hill.

The scheme required the removal of some public memorials for which there are no records of ownership. In accordance with current legislation, notices were displayed in the cemetery to alert any visiting relatives.


Planning permission was granted in October 2015.

Faculty permission was received from the Diocese of Southwark in February 2017.

Construction is finished and the new area is available for burials.

You can find out more by downloading the files below or view our cemetery FAQ page.

Page last updated: 05 January 2022

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