Applying to marry in the UK from overseas

If you're overseas and want to apply to marry in the UK, you'll need to obtain a visa or entry clearance as either a fiancé/e or a marriage visitor.

You can find out which visa applies to you below:

  • you should apply for a fiancé/e visa or entry clearance if you're planning to travel to marry someone already in the UK and you plan to stay in the UK
  • you should apply for a marriage visitor visa or entry clearance if you want to visit the UK only to get married, but don't plan to stay for more than six months

These rules apply even if you're a national of a country where it's not necessary to have a visa to enter the UK. You won't be able to give notice to marry to a registrar without the correct valid sticker in your passport or travel document.

If you're subject to immigration control, you must at least be 21 years old (or 18 years old if you or your wife/husband/civil partner are a serving member of HM forces) to come to the UK and marry or register your civil partnership.

Where to apply

You should apply for the correct visa or entry clearance at a British Embassy, Consulate or High Commission in your country of origin or in the country overseas where you normally reside.

You can use our immigration service if you need help or advice in applying for the correct visa under this category. 

Page last updated: 27 November 2018