Nationality Checking Service (NCS)

The Nationality Checking Service (NCS) can check your British citizenship application before you send it to the Home Office. This won’t guarantee that the Home Office will grant your application or that it'll be processed faster, but it'll ensure you’ve completed it correctly.

As part of this service we can:

  • check you’ve used the correct application form(s) and completed everything (we can’t complete the forms for you)
  • check you’ve provided all the necessary supporting documents
  • check you’re paying the correct application fee
  • photocopy your important documents so you don’t have to send your originals
  • send your checked and completed application to the Home Office on your behalf

We can’t confirm if your application will be successful or give you any immigration advice or information.

It's your responsibility to ensure you meet all of the criteria stated in the application guidance notes before attending your appointment

Page last updated: 13 September 2018