There are many different types of memorials to choose from, including rose tree memorials and stone tablets. We can help you choose and order the right one. We also offer technical advice and ensure that all memorials in the cemetery meet our regulations.

For more information about memorials, contact us on 0207 525 7651 or email .

Memorial services and charges 

  • £210 - right to erect a memorial
  • £65 - added inscription
  • £210 - memorial tablet for public grave 10'x10' (15 years only)
  • £210 - remove and replace a memorial

Memorial service at Honor Oak Crematorium

There's an annual memorial service to remember all of those cremated or buried in Southwark. It's held yearly on the last Sunday in June and anyone can attend. It starts at 3pm, lasts for about an hour and is interdenominational, which means that clergy from the Roman Catholic Church, the Church of England and the Free Church will take part in the service.

Page last updated: 26 July 2017