Bereavement support service

We recognise that in addition to coping with bereavement, you'll also be faced with making many arrangements and notifying a large number of organisations. This can be confusing and distressing as you'll most likely have to notify different organisations with the same information.

We offer two levels of service, depending on your circumstances:

  • if you're registering the death of a Southwark resident, we offer a full notification service in which you provide us with the necessary information and we'll act on your behalf
  • if the deceased wasn't a Southwark resident, we can still offer assistance by signposting you to the organisations you may need to contact and providing you with an information pack
Both services are free and confidential and we'll only notify the organisations and departments that you gave us permission to

How we can help

The Bereavement Support Service can assist you in a number of ways, including:

  • notifying Southwark Council and central government departments about the death on your behalf
  • providing you with information and advice about a range of services (who else you need to inform, probate, counselling and other support services)
  • assisting you in accessing additional benefits and money to which you may be entitled

How to book an appointment

You can book an appointment by calling 020 7525 7651.

To make things easier, we can book your appointment to coincide with your appointment with the Registrar to register the death. Alternatively, we can book you an appointment at a time and date convenient to you.

We also offer a walk-in service, which you can access by visiting:

Southwark Register Office
34 Peckham Road

When you're at the ground floor reception, ask for our service and we'll be with you shortly.

The walk-in service is available between 10am and 3.30pm Monday to Friday.

At the appointment

Your appointment should last no more than 30 minutes. One of our specially trained Bereavement Support Officers (BSO) will collect the necessary information so that we can notify the relevant organisations on your behalf.

To assist the BSO and to save you time, bring the following documents / information to your appointment:

  • the deceased's National Insurance number
  • a death certificate (unless you're registering the death at the same time)
  • if you're the next of kin and you're in receipt of, or may be entitled to, benefits, bring your own National Insurance number
  • if you're not the next of kin, we can still help you; however, we may not be able to offer all of the services without the next of kin's written permission (in these cases, it's helpful if you bring the signed consent from the next of kin)

At your appointment, you'll receive an information pack tailored to your personal circumstances. You'll be able to access a range of other resources and materials to assist you in making the necessary arrangements regarding the death.

Follow-up appointment

For those who qualify for the full notification service, we offer a follow-up appointment (typically 4 weeks after your initial appointment), where we will

  • review the activities we've undertaken on your behalf
  • assist you with any further enquiries you may have
  • complete the notifications process to give you peace of mind

In most cases, the follow-up appointment will be over the phone, but a face-to-face appointment can be booked in some circumstances.

Page last updated: 04 August 2017