Registering a birth

If your baby was born in Southwark, you must register the birth at Southwark Register Office within 42 days.

If you child was born at St Thomas’ Hospital or Kings College Hospital, please note that neither of these hospitals are located in the borough of Southwark and you'll need to contact Lambeth Register Office.

A service is available to register the birth of your baby with a Lambeth Registrar located at the Southwark Register Office.

This service is currently available by appointment on Tuesdays only.

To book an appointment, phone 0207 525 7651.

You can also register the birth of your baby at the Lambeth Register Office.

You may purchase birth certificates at the statutory fee of £11 per certificate at the time of registration.

If you register your baby’s birth with the Lambeth Registrar at the Southwark Register Office, please note that your child’s birth registration record will be held at Lambeth Register Office and not the Southwark Register Office. If you wish to purchase copy certificates in the future, you must contact the Lambeth Register Office.

Registering a birth ‘by declaration’

You can also register a birth ‘by declaration’ - this means that you can go to any register office which will take details of the birth and send it to the register office for the district in which the birth took place on your behalf.  Please note that if you require a birth certificate after registering a birth ‘by declaration’ you must contact the register office where the birth registration record is held and not the register office which took the details of the birth.

Page last updated: 21 February 2020