Re-registering a birth

The re-registration of a birth is making a new record in the birth register. There are two reasons a birth may need re-registering:

  • if you've married the other parent of your child since the birth (even if the natural father's details were originally entered in the birth register); in this case, re-registration is a legal requirement and the new entry will show the new status of both you and your child
  • for children born outside their parents' marriage, a new birth record can be made to add the natural father's name and details

The re-registration by declaration process

If your child was born outside of Southwark (King's College Hospital and St Thomas' Hospital are both in Lambeth council), email us the following details:

  • your name and contact details
  • the child's full name
  • the child's date of birth
  • the place of birth

You'll need to send us a copy of the original registration so we can see if any changes have been made since the child was first registered. We're unable to accept a full birth certificate unless it's dated within the last month. Once we've received the copy, we'll request that you make a 30 minute re-registration by declaration appointment.

We can't proceed with the declaration without a copy of the original entry - if you don't follow the above procedure, you risk being turned away and having to rebook once we've received it

You'll need to attend your re-registration by declaration appointment at our Southwark Register Office. We'll send the documentation to the relevant office who will complete the re-registration and issue certificates if necessary.  

How to re-register

You can download a form from the GOV.UK website or obtain one from any register office in England or Wales.

For re-registering a birth after marriage, apply using Form-LA1.

For re-registering a birth to include natural father's details, apply using Form GRO 185.

Return all completed forms to the Southwark Register Office. Most re-registrations can be authorised in the register office. Some applications have to be referred to the Registrar General for Consideration. If you're unable to attend the register office in the district where the birth occurred, it's possible to re-register at another register office by declaration.


  • re-registering is free of charge
  • copies of certificates can be purchased at £4 each at the time of re-registration

For further details, contact us on or by calling 020 7525 7651.

Page last updated: 20 December 2017