Timed collections

Rye Lane

The council commences a timed waste collection scheme in Peckham’s Rye Lane and some of the nearby roads on the 7 December 2017.

It follows the success of the pilot scheme in the Walworth Road.

The scheme is being implemented in Rye Lane to help the council work with businesses and residents in and around Rye Lane to make it a cleaner and more pleasant place for everyone.

As with Walworth Road we know many businesses and flats don't have enough space to store their rubbish, meaning sacks of waste are often left on the pavement at all different times of day. The timed waste collection scheme is designed to provide three time slots every day when waste is permitted to be left out on the pavement and then collected. This means that for up to 18 hours of the day, there would be no waste on the pavement.

The times permitted for leaving waste out on the pavement and arranging for it to be collected are as follows:


Put waste out

Time collected


Between 8am and 9am

Between 9am and 10am


Between 6.30pm and 7.30pm

Between 7.30pm and 8.30pm


Between 11pm and 12am

Between 12am and 1am

The timed collection scheme will operate in:

  • Rye Lane
  • Bournemouth Close
  • Blenheim Grove
  • Moncrieff Place
  • Highshore Road


Please place your refuse and recycling sacks on the pavement for collection outside your home at the times indicated. The waste will be collected shortly afterward leaving the street clean and tidy.

Waste is not to be put out at any other time.

You can recycle your waste using clear recycling sacks. You can find out more about our recycling collection services and other supplies of clear recycling sacks.


Businesses in the timed collection scheme area will need to comply with the times for putting waste out for collection and arranging for it to be collected as set out in the table above. Businesses will need to have a contract in place with a commercial waste collection service provider that is able to collect at the required times or arrange for their waste to be collected directly from premises at other times.

Under the pilot scheme it will no longer be permitted for trade waste bins to be stored permanently on the pavement, so if trade waste bins cannot be stored on businesses’ own premises they must be removed.

You can find out more about business waste and recycling.


We will review the outcome of the Rye Lane scheme in May/June 2018.

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Page last updated: 19 February 2019