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What goes in recycling

Check what can be recycled by looking at the symbols printed on product ranges. We collect all items marked as 'widely recycled' and 'check local recycling'.

Poster on what can be recycled. Please refer to below table for full information.


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Mixed paper, card and cardboard

Paper, envelopes, newspapers, magazines, leaflets, catalogues, phone directories, greeting cards, cardboard boxes, kitchen and toilet roll tubes

Metallic wrapping paper,

plastic coated paper

and photographs

Mixed glass bottles and jars

Glass bottles and jars of any colour
Pyrex, drinking glasses, windows and mirrors

Household plastic packaging

Drink bottles, toiletry bottles, household cleaning product bottles, plastic food trays, yoghurt pots, tubs, lids and tops

Polystyrene, carrier bags,

plastic film, sweet and crisp

wrappers, electrical items, coat hangers and toys


Drink cans, food tins, sweet and biscuit tins,

aerosols, foil, beer and wine bottle caps and food jar metal lids
Paint tins

Food and drink cartons

Fruit juice, fresh soup and long-life milk cartons such as Tetra-Paks
Paper cups and plates

Page last updated: 06 July 2023


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