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Waste collection services update

All services are currently operating normally, although unusually high levels of waste have resulted in some collections being slightly delayed.

  • communal Services (refuse and recycling) are generally operating normally, but high volumes of waste have meant that small numbers of collections may be carried into the following day
  • refuse & recycling kerbside services (green and blue bins) are operating as normal and collecting on the usual scheduled dates
  • organic waste collections (brown food and garden waste bins) are operating as normal and collecting on the usual scheduled dates

The use of some temporary crews has resulted in a higher level of missed collections than usual over the last 1 to 2 weeks.  Please report a missed collection on the reporting a missed collection page if your collection has not been completed by the end of the working day when it was due (ie after 4pm).

Reuse and Recycling Centre

Obtaining a resident permit for the RRC

If you need to bring household waste to the RRC, you'll need to book in advance and obtain a permit. There's no charge for a permit, but you need a separate permit each time you visit.

Please note that:

  • you cannot transfer your permit to another person or vehicle
  • you cannot bring in waste from any kind of business
  • you cannot bring in waste from your tenants if you're a landlord or property manager

We do not issue permits to someone acting on your behalf. You need to either bring this waste to the centre yourself; or if someone other than you, such as a family member, is driving the vehicle on your behalf, you'll need to be present yourself when the waste is brought in.

Restrictions apply to all vehicles and no trailers are allowed. The maximum gross loaded weight allowed for any vehicle is 3.5 tonnes. We can arrange access for cyclists and pedestrians, who still need a permit.

You must provide your vehicle registration number, a description of the waste you're bringing to the reuse and recycling centre and choose your date/time of visit.  Permits are issued for a fixed date and time and you must attend for the correct date and time period. You may need to book ahead at busy times, but it's possible to book for the following day.

After you've made a booking, a permit will be emailed to you immediately. You should print the permit and bring it with you when you visit. Once we issue a permit, we cannot change any details, such as date of visit, waste types or vehicle information. So you must make sure all details are correct before you request a permit.

If you'll be visiting in a car (not a van or goods carrying vehicle), you'll need a standard resident car permit. This also includes motorcycle and bicycle users and pedestrians. 

If you'll be visiting in a van or goods carrying vehicle), you'll need a resident van permit. These are limited to four visits per year, per property/resident. 

Page last updated: 21 January 2021

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