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Household waste collections - Current Service Status

This page includes household waste collection service updates for January 2021. There is a significant level of workforce absences due to COVID19, although most collections are still being made normally. You may see your household waste collections being done later in the day than normal, and in a small number of cases, we may have to move your collection to the following day. 

Roughly 99.8% of all collections are being completed on the normal day, and any delayed collections are being prioritised for completion early on the following day, so any delay should be less than 24 hours.

If your collection is delayed, please ensure that your bin or bagged waste is left in the usual collection location ready for the crew. You do not need to report your collection as missed if it has been notified as delayed, but if it is still outstanding after your normal collection day, you can report a missed collection.

Please take what steps you can to manage your waste carefully to minimise the impact of any disruption. This includes:

  1. Recycle as much of your waste as possible, so that your general waste bin does not overflow.
  2. Flatten larger items such as boxes and plastic bottles to take up less bin space, in case your collection is delayed.
  3. Make sure you do not contaminate recycling bins with general waste, and make sure recyclables are clean and empty – contaminated bins cannot be collected by our crews. See our recycling collections page for more information on what can go into your recycling collections.

Details of the current situation for each of the household waste collection services are listed below:


Current status

Organic waste collections

Some organic waste collections may take place up to one day late – this may include both food and garden waste collections.

Communal refuse collections for blocks of flats and estates

Collections are generally operating normally, although in a few cases collections may take place on the following day.

Communal Recycling Collections for blocks of flats and estates

Collections are operating normally, although higher levels of waste are seeing bins fill more quickly between collections. Please let us know if your communal recycling bin is overflowing by emailing us at environment@southwark.gov.uk with details, including the location.

Kerbside refuse services for individual properties

Small numbers of collections may be one day late and completed on the following morning.

Supply of new bins and bags

There are some limited supply delays – with new bins normally supplied within 2-3 weeks of a request.

All other collection services are being completed as normal.

Page last updated: 18 January 2022

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