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New website programme overview, what we are currently working on, future improvements, user research activities and how you can help us.

Project overview

We are making changes to our website, to give people using it a better experience. Our existing website has not been updated for a number of years and we know it can be hard for people to use or find the information that they need.

We are making improvements in stages, and the first stage is now complete. In the first stage, we have made some changes to the way the website looks and feels. We have introduced a cleaner and more modern homepage, and changed the style of some other pages.

The new design will:

  • introduce a new look, with improved accessibility for those who have disabilities (for example, better colour contrast for users with visual impairments) and more consistent with Government Digital Service standards and best practice
  • improve menu layouts on the homepage and make it easier to find out about events within the borough
  • improve mobile responsiveness (make the website work better on mobile)

You may notice that some sites provided to us by third parties, that you access from the Southwark Council website, look and feel slightly different from the main website. We plan to make key external sites match the style of the main website in the near future as part of our website improvement work.

Future improvements

Throughout the rest of 2023, the Southwark Web Team will be working hard to bring additional improvements to the website. This includes rewriting the content on the website and putting resident need at the heart of the content, to make it easier to read and for people to find what they need.

We will also be making a number of other improvements, such as improving the site search which we know can be difficult to use, and changing the way we manage the website, to improve how it functions.

We will be sharing more information on the project in the coming weeks and months. 


Page last updated: 11 October 2023


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