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Walworth Town Hall consultation - General Projects

Walworth Town Hall

Residents in Southwark have the chance to give their views on two exciting proposals for the future of the Grade II listed Walworth Town Hall that was gutted by fire in 2013... Read more about Walworth Town Hall

Mental Health

Mental health support for children

We're committed to ensuring that all children with a diagnosed mental health condition in the borough will have access to the services they need... Read more about Mental health support for children

Safe As Houses 2 front

Safe as Houses 2

New in-depth report reveals deepening concerns for Universal Credit recipients... Read more about Safe as Houses 2

Drinking fountain

New drinking water fountains

People are being encouraged to cut down on single use plastic bottles with the installation of a new water fountain... Read more about New drinking water fountains

Southwark Sparkle - 12 Days of Christmas

Southwark Sparkle: 12 Days of Christmas

Cultural organisations and creative communities got together to share a bit of 'Southwark Sparkle' with their rendition of 12 Days of Christmas... Read more about Southwark Sparkle: 12 Days of Christmas

Old Kent Road signpost

Old Kent Road

All the information around the regeneration of the Old Kent Road opportunity area... Read more about Old Kent Road

Southwark Life - Winter 2018

Southwark Life - Winter 2018

Top tips on how to be green and stay well this festive season, plus more in the latest edition of our magazine... Read more about Southwark Life - Winter 2018

Southwark Sparkle across the borough

Southwark Sparkle

Add some #SouthwarkSparkle to the festive season and check out the winter events across the borough Read more about Southwark Sparkle