Public Path Extinguishment Order 2010

Notice of making an order

Highways Act 1980
London Borough of Southwark, The Southwark (footpath from Victory Place over Rodney Road) Extinguishment Order 2010  

The Council of the London Borough of Southwark hereby gives notice that it has made an order under section 118 of the above Act to authorise the extinguishment of the following areas of public footpath:

(1) The area of public highway to be extinguished forming the footbridge from Victory Place over Rodney Road. The area being the footbridge over Rodney Road linking the south-western extremity of Victory Place with the Centre Building including the ramp and stairs leading to the footbridge on the northern side. The path comprising the footbridge measures 2.14 metres in width and is 25.3 metres in length shown on the map as points A to B. The stairs leading to the footbridge on the north-east side of Rodney Road measure 7.45 metres in length and are shown as points B to C to D on the map. The remaining leg of the footbridge parallel to Rodney Road measures 9.9 metre and is shown as points B to E on the map.

If the order is confired, the extinguishment will be authorised as this area is no longer required in accordance with the delegated decision made by the Council of the London Borough of Southwark in April 2010 under reference LBS. No EH/PR/NP/dc.

Copies of the order and the relevant plan may be inspected at all reasonable hours between the 27 May 2010 till the 1 July 2010 at the Town Hall, Peckham Road, Southwark, SE5 8UB quoting reference LEG/PL/137273(RC). A copy can be viewed on the stopping up orders webpage.

Any person may object to the making of the proposed order between the 27 May 2010 and the 1 July 2010 by written notice to the Strategic Director of Communities Law and Governance at PO Box 64529, London, SE1P 5LX quoting reference LEG/PL/137273(RC).

If no such representation or objections are duly made, or if any so made are withdrawn, the London Borough of Southwark may itself confirm the order as an unopposed order. If the order is sent to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs for confirmation, any representations which have not been withdrawn will be sent with the order.

Deborah Collins
Strategic Director of Communities, Law and Governance
Dated: 27 May 2010

Page last updated: 13 February 2018