Dockless bikes

Southwark Council is welcoming two dockless bike providers, Mobike and ofo, into the borough, making Southwark the first council south of the river to embrace on demand bike hire. The council is keen to bring on demand bike hire to Southwark, and has worked with many residents and other interested groups to make this possible.

Southwark Council is actively addressing the London wide air quality problem. Many of the borough’s schools have been working with the council to teach children to ride bikes and encourage them to walk and cycle to school. The council hopes that the new dockless bikes will open cycling up to even more people, making riding around the borough even easier. Southwark Council is committed to improving road safety and cycling infrastructure; we have opened a number of Quietways, which are peaceful cycle routes away from busy traffic and big roads ideal for new cyclists

Mobike and ofo are experts in their field, they are committed to working with us to promote responsible and safe cycling, including the parking of their bikes. Mobike and ofo are a great fit for Southwark, their dockless bikes are already established across a number of major cities and London boroughs, neighbouring boroughs are also looking to work with them too. Both Mobike and ofo are starting out with 200 bikes (each) in Southwark, they can be located and rented through their respective apps, which provide access to unlock the bikes. When a cyclist reaches their destination they can use the app to find guidance about where to leave the bike (taking care not to cause an obstruction) and lock it up ready for the next user.

Ofo launch CW Library
ofo launch Canada Water Library
Mobike launch CW Library
Mobike launch Canada Water Library










To find out more about the ofo you can visit their website, call 0808 101 7141 or email or tweet @ofosupport.

To find out more about Mobike you can visit their website, call 0330 131 9789 or email

Page last updated: 13 March 2018