Occupational therapy services

If you can't find what you need from our Equipment and gadgets page or the Help with walking and falls prevention page, you may be able to access our occupational therapy services if you are a Southwark resident and you:

  • have a physical disability
  • are an older person and you struggle with daily living tasks due to frailty
  • have a progressive condition
  • are a carer looking after a person with a disability
  • have a mental health problem or a learning disability that means you experience practical difficulties with everyday living tasks

Our occupational therapy services will work with you to identify your needs and assess how you manage daily living tasks at home. 

Occupational therapy services eligibility

In order to access occupational therapy support you must have eligible needs under The Care Act 2014. If you do not have eligible needs under the Care Act we will always try to give you advice to help you meet you own needs.

How occupational therapy services may be able to help you

Depending on your situation we may:

  • offer targeted advice on managing everyday tasks, such as managing  your personal care and safe mobility around your home
  • recommend specialist equipment to help you with daily activities, such as getting in and out of the bath or on and off the toilet
  • organise minor alterations or major adaptations to your home, such as installing stair rails, ramps or a stair lift
  • provide advice and information about other services
  • assist you with installing an alarm or telecare equipment. If we assess that you would benefit from telecare devices we will provide the equipment free of charge, however you may need to contribute towards the cost of a monitored alarms (the maximum weekly charge is £5.75). For further information see our charging section.

We will give you advice on any equipment that would be helpful to you. We will provide equipment to you free of charge through a prescription or on long term loan if we assess that you have eligible needs that can be met by using the equipment.

Equipment with a prescription

We may give you a free prescription which you can exchanged for equipment if you have eligible needs. This equipment will belong to you. You are responsible for looking after the equipment and getting rid of it when it is no longer required.

A number of local providers, including pharmacists, have trained staff who will be able to demonstrate the equipment and give you further information.

If you would like the equipment in a different colour or with additional features you will need to pay the difference in price. You must arrange this direct with the retailer.

Equipment on long-term loan

This equipment is provided on loan for as long as you need it to remain safe and independent.

If the equipment needs repairing or replacing you should call 020 7525 3962. If an emergency repair is needed outside of office hours (9am to 5pm) you should call 020 8573 2871. Not all electrical equipment is covered by the emergency agreement, so for some repairs you will need to wait until the next working day to report the problem.

When you no longer require the equipment, it will be collected, cleaned and recycled for use by another person. To arrange the collection of equipment, please call 020 7525 3962.

How do I ask for an occupational therapy assessment?

To request an occupational therapy assessment, please call 020 7525 3324 or email OccupationalTherapyHelpdesk@southwark.gov.uk

We get a large number of requests for our services, so if your need is not urgent you may have to wait a while before we can assess your difficulties.

Page last updated: 27 April 2018