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Southwark Council

Election Results for Ward

Election date: 6th May 2010

Electorate: 8848

Ballot Papers Issued: 5161

Turnout: 58.3 %

Candidate's Name Party Votes Elected?
Jenifer, commonly known as Jenny, Bentall Williams Green Party [The] 740 No
Tania Alexandra Teofana Beatrice Brisby Conservative Party 592 No
John Joseph Friary Labour Party [The] 2812 Yes
Norma Una Gibbs Labour Party [The] 2572 Yes
Susan Amanda Giles Green Party [The] 787 No
Robert Antony Hayward Conservative Party 530 No
David Gordon Long Liberal Democrats 1233 No
Paul Graham Miles Liberal Democrats 1061 No
Bayonle Olabiyi Liberal Democrats 872 No
Julian Georgiev Popov Conservative Party 496 No
Andrew Martin Spring Green Party [The] 554 No
Ian Robert Wingfield Labour Party [The] 2444 Yes

Duly Elected

  • John Joseph Friary (Labour Party [The])
  • Norma Una Gibbs (Labour Party [The])
  • Ian Robert Wingfield (Labour Party [The])

Licence for election data: Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal

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