Southwark Regeneration in Partnership Programme

Wyndham Road Redcar Street SE5

Project details

Wyndham Road
Wyndham Road
  • residential new build with new church, retail and parking facilities.
  • capacity - 124 mixed tenure

Consultation events

Initial proposals (No. 1)

The council's regeneration team will shortly be setting up meetings with residents who have been identified as being most affected. These meetings are designed to further develop the proposals, clarify, and deal with any underlying issues relating to resident decant and the rehousing process.

Once completed, we'll appoint developers for the scheme and they'll arrange further public consultation with a Southwark Council presence, to ensure our design guide is adhered to and the interests of our residents taken into account.

You can download the current proposals (pdf, 6.5mb) here. These are available as purely a reference tool so that you can keep up to date with the changing aspects of the scheme. As mentioned above, further public consultation will follow.

Page last updated: 11 August 2017