Elephant and Castle

Harper Road local area enhancements

There are three projects currently underway in the vicinity of Harper Road contributing to better local facilities, improved transport infrastructure and an enhanced neighbourhood setting. The work is all part of existing Elephant and Castle or borough wide programmes with delivery of the three strands in Harper Road occurring within similar timeframes.

Street improvements

We want to know what you think about Harper Road as it is now. This will help us to evaluate any potential future improvements and assess whether changes we make meet the needs of local people. The survey will be open until 3 August 2018.

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We'll be improving the Harper Road street environment and public realm at the same time as the Dickens Square Park redevelopment and shopfront improvements, to ensure that there is shared look and feel to all three projects. Works in the street will include improvements to the public realm at the shopping parade, improvements as part of the proposed cycle route (the Southwark Spine) to join quietway 7 at Falmouth Road, safety improvements for vulnerable road users and specific measures to reduce the number of HGVs using the street. The changes will be designed using the Healthy Streets approach as recommended in London’s Transport Strategy, which aims to encourage people from all walks of life to walk and cycle more by making the street environment more pleasant and safe. Confirmed funding sources include internal budgets, section 106, and devolved highways.


Since 2016 Harper Road has tended to experience a relatively high proportion of large vehicles, up to 18% of all traffic on some sections, compared to similar streets in the borough. The high proportion of HGVs and other large vehicles has been central to community concerns and is a particular safety issue. Harper Road is part of an upcoming cycle route and the high proportion of large vehicles together with the lack of space to accommodate a continuous cycle lane means the street fails one of the criteria of the Healthy Streets check. The Dickens Square Park refurbishment and residential developments will also bring more people into the area and there are many vulnerable pedestrians accessing schools and the mosque.

After careful analysis of a number of possible interventions, the council considers that, on balance, implementing width restriction on a trial basis is the most appropriate and practical measure. Width restrictions of 6’6’’ (2.0m) were therefore proposed at Harper Road between Bath Terrace and Rockingham Street and at Bath Terrace. A period of informal consultation with the local community and key stakeholders was carried out in November and December 2017 and showed overall support (refer to the Harper Road consultation summary document (pdf, 1023kb)). The width restriction is implemented under an experimental traffic order The London Borough of Southwark (Width restriction) (Harper Road and Bath Terrace) (No. 1) Experimental Traffic Order 2018 (pdf, 914kb). The trial will last up to eight months from 29 March 2018 to autumn 2018 - this length is to allow traffic to adjust to the changes so that we can assess how successful the width restrictions are and whether we need to take any further mitigation measures.

Objections may be submitted via a formal process within six months of implementation. If further measures are subsequently implemented under the order, this would re-start the six month objection period (see more information on objections (pdf, 186kb)).

We have designed a draft monitoring plan (version 3) (pdf, 431kb) so that we can assess the impacts of the width restrictions using traffic and video surveys and air pollution monitoring. Please tell us what you think about the trial width restriction using an online feedback questionnaire. The monitoring of the trial width restriction, and any objections received during the monitoring period, will help us to identify if the width restrictions are working and help us assess whether any further measures may be required.

We are aware of the concerns raised by some residents and the emergency services regarding access. We are working with stakeholders to address any such concerns and minimise any adverse effects of the trial. Please submit your feedback using our online feedback questionnaire.

Teething problems with trial width restrictions

Due to tampering with blocks at the trial width restriction at Harper Road we installed an improved self-enforcing trial width restriction in week of 11 June 2018 which consisted of extending the existing traffic islands between Bath Terrace and Rockingham Street and adding bollards.  An island with bollards was also added at Bath Terrace. The distance from kerb to kerb is 2.15m following the TSRGD manual best-practice guidelines. The width restrictions are still a trial measure and are subject to redesign at the end of the trial period, should the trial be successful, to fit in with street improvements in the area.

The target timeframes of the width restriction trial have not been affected: monitoring is to take place, as initially planned, in autumn taking into account a three-month bedding-in period and school holidays; formal consultation of a final traffic order is still planned for Winter 2018/19 and decision making for spring 2019.

Street improvements programme

Consultation activities and milestones will be coordinated with those for the park redevelopment.

Trial width restrictions

  • Trial period - March 2018 - autumn 2018 (please tell us what you think)
  • Formal consultation period of permanent traffic order - winter 2018
  • Decision making - spring 2019
  • Construction of final width restriction - summer/autumn 2019

Street improvements to Harper Road

  • Informal consultation - summer/autumn 2018
  • Formal consultation - autumn/winter 2018
  • Final decision - spring 2019
  • Construction - summer/autumn 2019

Supporting information

Traffic counts (Excel macro .xlsm format): April 2017 (xlsm, 13.7mb) , October 2017 (xlsm, 13.7mb), November 2017 (xlsm, 12.3mb)

Traffic counts (summarised in PDF format): to be supplied

Map of average day traffic counts in Southwark (maintained externally)

Related transport consultations in the area

As part of their Safer Junctions  programme TfL are working on the junction of Harper Road and New Kent Road. We'll be liaising with TfL about this project given the community concerns about safety at this junction.

TfL conducted a consultation on proposed changes to road layout on the A3 Borough High Street at the junction with Marshalsea Road and Great Dover Street, in Southwark. The consultation closed on Monday 11 December 2017. Details of the consultation can be found here.

Dickens Square Park

Dickens Square Park has been identified as a priority for investment since 2004. There is a real need to refurbish this park to make it more accessible and address issues of significant anti-social behaviour. The project will enhance biodiversity and improve access to a green space that is of key importance to this area of the borough. New features will be introduced to encourage better use of the park and improved recreational facilities for residents and visitors of all ages, including families with children.


  • First consultation - July 2017
  • Second consultation - November 2017 to March 2018
  • Third consultation - October to December 2018

The third consultation meeting is scheduled to take place on 30 October 2018 from 7.15 pm to 8.45 pm at the Rockingham Community Centre. It will be a combined consultation with the Harper Road Improvements scheme. There will also be an online questionnaire, this will be available on the consultations hub of Southwark Council’s website. It will run for six weeks, from Monday 29 October to Sunday 9 December 2018.


An initial consultation meeting to launch the project took place in July 2017, followed by the second community meeting held in November 2017. Online consultation was available on Southwark Council’s website during December 2017 to January 2018. We regret that publication of the second consultation report was delayed, due to ongoing consultation.

Previous consultation reports

Shopfront improvements

As part of the Improvements to Local Retail Environment (ILRE) scheme across Southwark, shop front improvement work is underway for the Harper Road parade. This involves working with shop traders to meet policy and scheme objectives and to provide an improved retail environment for individual businesses and the neighbourhood. Southwark Council's strategy for such works is to declutter facades and signage, improve security and create a consistent design approach to units within the Parade. Public realm improvements related to the parade will be included as part of the public realm works within the Quietway scheme.


  • Employers Agent appointed - December 2017
  • Design and specification - January to March 2018
  • Planning applications - April to May 2018
  • Works tender and appointment - June to September 2018
  • Construction - October to December 2018


Individual discussions with the business owners will be ongoing throughout the development of the works package and delivery. General updates on the shopfronts will be provided to the community in conjunction with the quietway and parks consultation.

Page last updated: 04 October 2018