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Walk Elephant

Walk Elephant is a community initiative to improve walking routes across the Elephant and Castle area. The initiative seeks to build on the success of the East Walworth green links project, which has created a high quality route which connects the town centre with Burgess Park.

Many think of Elephant and Castle as a busy traffic junction, but it's so much more. There are so many hidden gems and oases in Elephant and Castle, and this project seeks to link them all together and to create safe and enjoyable walking routes for people to take on their way to work, the shops or home.


The first step in the project is to create a map of all possible walking routes which connect across the Elephant and Castle area as far as Kennington, Bankside, London Bridge and Burgess Park. Local resident and architect Tom Coward from practice AOC helped to draw up the map which highlights where improvements and new green linkages can be made to improve the quality of the routes.

You can download the maps here:

There is one overview map for the whole area and then four detailed maps for each quarter of the Elephant and Castle with lots of project suggestions. We want to hear your thoughts on these ideas and love suggestions! You can write to us using the contact details below or you can add your comments to this online mapping tool called Commonplace.

Improvements might include new crossings, landscaping, tree planting or planters. Once the map is ready, we'll be consulting with residents and groups this year to see if we've missed anything. We'll learn lessons from East Walworth to make the projects happen, and local residents and tenant organisations will be supported to seek funding from a variety of sources including our cleaner greener safer programme, developer contributions and crowdfunding.


Elephants have a long memory and Walk Elephant seeks to celebrate and highlight some historical treasures in the area. On your journey you may encounter memories of the Royal Surrey Zoo, a Henry Moore statue, the periodic table, Charlie Chaplin, Prince Monolulu and much more. We'd love to hear more about your stories and memories to bring these walking routes to life.

Low Line

New York has a High Line and the Elephant and Castle has a Low Line. A key thread which weaves through the area is the railway viaduct and a new walking route alongside the arches called the Low Line. The Low Line idea was conceived by Southwark resident David Stephens and is gaining real momentum. Walk Elephant will promote a series of Low Line projects which will open up a new walking route through the area to connect with Bankside to the north and Camberwell to the south.

Join us to find out more

We'd like to hear your views about the draft map of walking routes, and your ideas for how we can improve walking routes across the Elephant and Castle over the coming years. We want to have fun in the process and have designed a series of events in early 2017 for you to come and discuss your ideas and walk local routes. We've selected a variety of dates and times before and after work and at the weekends to make it more convenient for you to get involved.

Event one: Wednesday 3 May 0800-1000

  • Walk - East Walworth Green Links
  • Meet - BMX track, Burgess Park
  • Community partners - Southwark Living Streets, Walworth Society, Friends of Nursery Row Park, Friends of Surrey Square, Friends of Victory Park, Grow Elephant, Carnaval Del Pueblo
  • Special highlight - Carnaval Del Pueblo Latin Hub
  • Drink after - The Tropics, Grow Elephant

Event two: Wednesday 10 May 1730-1930

  • Walk - Walworth Ladders
  • Meet - Pasley Park entrance at Manor Place
  • Community partners - Southwark Living Streets, Walworth Society, Hotel Elephant, Walworth Garden Farm
  • Special highlight - Walworth Garden
  • Drink after - Sidecar café, Hotel Elephant

Event three: Wednesday 17 May 0800-1000

  • Walk - Brook Drive to Bankside
  • Meet - Outside Castle Centre at 0800
  • Community partners - Better Bankside, Southwark Living Streets, Walworth Society, Friends of West Square, Lamlash Gardens, Peabody Blackfriars Estate, Bankside Open Spaces Trust, Lamlash Gardens
  • Special highlight - Lamlash Gardens
  • Drink after - Union Theatre Café

Event four: Wednesday 24 May 1730-1930

  • Walk - Bermondsey Street to Newington Causeway
  • Meet - Tanner Street Park on Bermondsey Street
  • Community partners - Team London Bridge, Southwark Living Streets, Walworth Society, Leathermarket JMB, Mercato Metropolitano
  • Special highlight - Symington House garden
  • Drink after - Mercato Metropolitano

If you'd like to come to any of these events, contact us so we book you in. If you can’t make any of these events but would like to arrange a special site visit with your community group, contact us.

After these events the map will be updated. If you'd like more information about the initiative, contact us.

Contact us

This is a partnership project which is being coordinated by the Walworth Society, Living Streets, local tenant organisations and various council departments. The developers of all new projects in the town centre will also be consulted to make sure the walking routes connect seamlessly with their developments.

If you'd like to hear more about the project, we'd be happy to hear from you.

Dan Taylor 
Programme manager
020 7525 5450

Peter Wright
East Walworth Green Links 
020 7657 2277

Jeremy Leach
Walworth Society 
020 7701 6283

Page last updated: 16 January 2018