Timeline of the Aylesbury regeneration

The Aylesbury estate was built in the 1960 and 1970s to replace homes damaged by war time bombing and as a continuation of the slum clearance programme that started before the war.

However, soon after it was built the estate went through a period of decline, with the current layout of the buildings producing a range of physical and social challenges, such as lack of security, poor energy efficiency and structural safety issues. This led to a drive to regenerate the estate, culminating in the programme that's in place today.

Key dates

  • 1999 - the Aylesbury New Deal for Communities (NDC) programme was established to aid the social and physical regeneration of the area over ten years
  • 2002 - the council looked at refurbishing the building stock on the estate, but despite a huge level of investment it wasn't sufficient to bring significant improvements to the estate
  • 2005 - the council agreed a redevelopment strategy for the estate, which was supported by over 50% of residents
  • 2006/7 - Aylesbury specific rehousing and leaseholder policies for residents are adopted and tenant registration and leaseholder acquisitions begin
  • 2007 to 2009 - extensive consultation with residents about the Aylesbury Area Action Plan (AAAP)
  • 2008-10 - Walworth Academy (sponsored by ARK) and Michael Faraday Primary school opened (RIBA & RICS regional award)
  • 2009/10 - the NDC programme formally comes to an end and was succeed by Creation Trust, who continue working to ensure residents receive the economic and social benefits of the regeneration
  • 2009 - work starts on first phase of the regeneration (Site 1a) - delivered by L&Q
  • 2010 - the AAAP was formally adopted by the council
  • 2011 - Cabinet agrees to procure a development partner to deliver the Area Action Plan and the procurement process begins
  • 2011 - the first new homes and the new Southwark Resource Centre were completed by L&Q on Site 1a
  • 2012 - Burgess Park redevelopment completes
  • 2013 - all the new homes (261), of which 50% are affordable, are completed on Site 1a
  • 2013 - new school Aylesbury (to be an academy) was completed
  • January 2014  - demolition starts on Site 7
  • April 2014  - the council signs a development partnership agreement with Notting Hill Housing Trust for the redevelopment of the Aylesbury
  • Summer 2014 - construction starts on Site 7 that will have 147 new homes (50% affordable) 
  • Summer 2014 - extensive consultation for a detailed planning application on the First Development Site and a masterplan for the whole estate
  • Autumn 2014 - planning submission
  • 2020 - first new homes to be delivered on the first development site
  • 2023- first development site due for completion
  • 2032 - regeneration of the area complete

For more information about the programme of delivery of the regeneration, visit the Aylesbury Now website.

Page last updated: 19 March 2018