Transport policy

Draft Kerbside Strategy

The draft Kerbside Strategy has been prepared as a response to changing travel trends and demand on this space. The council has sought early engagement with local residents, community and special interest groups and wider stakeholders during 2015.

What stage are we at now

The public consultation period on the draft of strategy will commence in late November. Consultation comments will close in late January 2017 and a report on the comments will be published. To read the draft strategy, visit our consultation hub.

Next steps

We'll review the comments and make changes to the strategy before taking it to Cabinet for adoption.

Dulwich Traffic Management Study

Steer Davies Gleave (SDG) has been commissioned by Southwark Council to undertake a holistic transport study covering the three wards composing the area of Dulwich: East Dulwich, Village and College.

Below is the draft existing conditions note and the presentation delivered at the Dulwich Community Council on 1st November 2017. It should be noted that this version of the report has not been updated with the feedback received during this session.

To inform the subsequent stages of the study the community is invited to answer two key questions:

  • Have we missed anything in terms of the challenges in the area?
  • What movement issues/themes/locations should be prioritised, including suggestions on how movement and access can be healthier and more sustainable?

Please send your comments to by 13th November 2017.

Over the last three months, we have collected and analysed feedback received from the Kerbside Consultation conducted by Southwark Council, as well as responses from residents, community groups and Councillors regarding movement and traffic within the Wards of East Dulwich, Village and College (grouped into the 'Dulwich Area').

Various issues were raised, mainly relating to the existing levels of traffic in the area, and the urgency to address these problems whilst respecting people’s need to move around.

Based on the feedback, various proposals presented on this web page have been raised: this is an opportunity for residents to read about these proposals and provide comments in support or opposition of each one of them.

The web page includes a list of all proposals and a map to help localise them. Each proposal is presented with a short description and with the opportunity to leave a brief comment.

To assist the navigation, proposals are grouped under six wide themes (some of them fall within more than one theme): Air Quality, Walking, Public Transport Accessibility, Traffic Calming, Cycling, Parking.

It is possible to provide comments until 24 January 2018. You can view the list of proposals.

Page last updated: 20 December 2017