The future of our cemeteries

Removal of public memorials - Area Z development works

Notice of proposed works under Articles 16(1), 16(2) and schedule 3 of the Local Authorities Cemetery Order 1977

During clearance of vegetation from Area Z, Camberwell Old Cemetery approximately 170 public memorials have been uncovered.  In accordance with council guidelines the memorials have been photographed and their details recorded . This notification will be in place for 3 months, after which the memorials will be placed in storage for at least 12 months; they can be collected by appointment by family relatives.  Evidence of these memorials will be collated and kept on record for posterity at the cemetery office.

Any further memorials uncovered on this section throughout the duration of works on site will be recorded, transferred to storage for at least 12 months and a notice displayed.

Notice is hereby given that, under Articles 16(1), 16(2) and Schedule 3 of the Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977, memorials uncovered will be removed from site to facilitate Area Z development works in Camberwell Old Cemetery.

Should the owner of any memorial rights or relative of the owner of memorial rights relating to memorials sited within Area Z wish to enquire about the memorials currently being held they may do so in writing to:

Cemeteries and Crematorium Office
Camberwell New Cemetery
Brenchley Gardens
SE23 3RD


View the list of names and grave numbers here public memorials within Area Z (pdf, 62kb).

Page last updated: 12 October 2017