Borough and Bankside (C2) CPZ review

The Borough and Bankside (C) Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) was introduced in 1974. The zone was subject to a review in 2001 when the CPZ split into two smaller zones Bankside (C1) and Borough (C2), in order to reduce the effects of inter-zone commuting. The last review of the C2 zone was undertaken in 2006, when minor changes to the parking layout were made.

The Borough (C2) parking zone currently operates from Monday to Friday, between 8.30am and 6.30pm.


In response to local residents' feedback, we've agreed to review the times of operation of the C2 parking zone.

We'd like to know your thoughts and suggestions about the zone's operational times. We don't have a preference for any particular proposal and changes will only be introduced if there's a broad consensus in favour.

We sent a consultation flyer to all postal addresses within the C2 parking zone in the first week of July.

You have until 29 July 2016 to complete the questionnaire.

Complete the questionnaire online 

A consultation pack with further information and a printable copy of the questionnaire is available. Once you've printed and completed the questionnaire, send it to the following address:

Highways (Parking Design)
Floor 3, Hub 2
Southwark Council
Highways Division
PO BOX 64529
London, SE1P 5LX

If you have any questions, contact us by email or call us on 020 7525 2131.

Next Steps

After the consultation closes on 29 July 2016, we'll analyse all of the responses and determine if there's sufficient demand to change the operational times of the Borough (C2) Controlled Parking Zone.

We'll review all suggestions made regarding the layout of the zone's parking bays and waiting restrictions to see if any changes to the road markings or sign provisions are needed.

We'll produce a detailed report showing our findings and recommendations. This report will be presented to Borough, Bankside and Walworth community council for their input. A final decision as to whether to proceed with any proposed amendments to the zone will then be made by the Cabinet Member for Environment and Public Realm. 

Page last updated: 09 June 2017