Southwark celebrates excellence in its schools

30 June 2017

Teachers and support staff from across Southwark gathered for Southwark Schools’ Excellence Awards. They were joined by Cllr Charlie Smith, the Mayor of Southwark and Cllr Victoria Mills, Cabinet Member for Children and Schools, on 28 June at the Canada Water Cultural Space.

There is a wealth of remarkable talent across Southwark’s schools and this year’s Excellence Awards recognise and celebrate the good practice and teaching excellence evident across these school communities.

Cllr Victoria Mills said: “It is great to see nominations increasing and even more Southwark schools coming together for our Schools’ Excellence event. It is also wonderful to have the opportunity to learn about the creativity and hard work that goes into improving our schools and ensuring that all Southwark children are well prepared for the future and supported to reach their full potential.”

This year the award categories were expanded to include support staff and recognise the collaborative and innovative work that goes on in many schools, in addition to the ever popular teacher of the year award.

The council’s appreciation for the work of six head teachers who are retiring after long service from Southwark schools in July, was also marked. Their more than 100 collective years of committed and distinguished service to Southwark children and their communities, was honoured at the event.

Francis Gilbert who is a teacher and the author of I'm A Teacher, Get Me Out of Here, opened the event with an impassioned discussion about the importance of creativity in education.

To close Henry Stewart, who is the founder and Chief Executive of the training business, Happy Ltd, inspired those gathered with his talk on the importance of innovating working cultures in education.

Julia Garling, teacher at Tuke School and winner of the Teacher of the Year Award for special educational needs, said: “I felt very proud. Not only for me, but for Tuke School as well, as due to the nature of the students I teach I wouldn't be able to do my job without my team. I've been working at Tuke for 20 years, first as a music therapist, and then for the last 13 years as a teacher. I have thrived in the creative and diverse environment that Tuke School has offered me and continue to enjoy the challenges that it presents on a daily basis. I enjoyed the ceremony because it allowed us to come together to celebrate creativity, innovation and excellence.”

Page last updated: 30 June 2017