Safe internet use for children

We have computers in the children’s areas of libraries. A parental consent form must be signed before children can use them. Website content is filtered, but this doesn’t always block unsuitable material.

It's important to follow these library computer guidelines:

  • children ages 8 to 15 can use the computers on their own, but parents and guardians are responsible for what they do on the internet
  • children under 8 years old must have an adult with them when they use our computers

Safety information to share with your child

  • search the internet with an adult
  • only use websites recommended by your parent or teacher
  • only click on the button and links when you know what they mean
  • never give out personal information such as passwords, name, address or telephone number
  • always ask if you get lost on the internet
  • write polite and friendly e-mails to people you know
  • immediately close any page that you feel uncomfortable with
  • Internet Matters provide advice on safe use of the internet for children of all ages
For more information, read the library computers acceptable use policy.

Page last updated: 15 January 2018