Help us improve your housing services

We want to improve the quality of your housing services and your satisfaction with them.

Our new approach is Resident Led Services (RELESE), in which we’ll work in partnership with you to improve and redesign our housing services. The first service area we’re focusing on is repairs.

Why the change

Our commitment to build 11,000 new homes over the next thirty years means that we need to come up with new ways to provide and improve services now and in the future. You’ve said that you want us to continue being responsible for delivering housing services; but also that you want to be more involved and significant decision makers. You’ve identified repairs as the service you’d like to help us improve.


During October, November and December 2015, we asked residents living in Peckham and Camberwell about our proposal to establish joint resident and staff panels to redesign services. The outcome of the consultation was overwhelmingly in support of our proposals.

Our findings showed:

  • almost 93% agreed we should establish these panels
  • 82% wanted the panels to work on improvements to the repairs service first
  • 68% thought the panels should be established as part of the Area Housing Forums
  • 72% agreed with the proposed composition of the groups

Our plans

We’ve already agreed with the Area Housing Forums in Camberwell East and Peckham to establish the panels as sub groups of the forums. We'll be talking to the Area Forum in Camberwell West soon.

In March, we’ll be meeting with those who’ve said they’re interested in being involved. We plan on establishing the joint panels in April and May.

How do I get involved

If you live in Peckham or Camberwell and are interested in these pilot schemes, contact the Resident Involvement team.

Who can get involved

If you’re a council tenant or homeowner who lives in Peckham, Camberwell East or Camberwell West, you can get involved. We can only choose six members per area, but there’ll be other ways to get involved.

Why only Peckham and Camberwell

Since this is a new service (and way of working), we want to set up three pilots to find out what works and what doesn’t before we implement change elsewhere in the borough. The panels will be independently evaluated to ensure we identify any lessons before expanding. 

Page last updated: 09 March 2018