Back Southwark’s bid for London Borough of Culture

Borough of Culture

We are calling on you, the people of Southwark, to join us in our bid to become London Borough of Culture.

I’m backing Southwark’s bid

In February next year two London councils will be awarded the title of London Borough of Culture; one for 2019 and the other for 2020. Each winning borough will receive more than £1million from the Mayor of London and will run a huge and exciting programme of cultural events, that will feature the talents of both global superstars and local people, within its year.

Everybody knows about established, international centres like the Tate Modern, White Cube, Shakespeare’s Globe and Old Vic. But fresh new talent from up-and-coming artists can also be found at the Hannah Barry Gallery, Southwark Play House, Seen15, CGP London and other vibrant, burgeoning hubs of art and creativity across Southwark.

To gain the title of London Borough of Culture we will need the backing of all the amazing talent showcased across the borough. But more than that we will need to uncover the hidden work of unknown artists and inspire people to explore their untapped creativity.

Join one of our Creative Conversations to share your thoughts and ideas about building the bid


Last updated: 13 October 2017