Radical Potions: Exploring Herbal Folk Medicine of London's Past

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Plantain medicine

Join herbalist Rasheeqa of Hedge Herbs for a journey into the old-time London apothecaries and the medicine & healers of the people, discovering the tradition of radical herbalism that we stand in today in our communities.


Starts: Saturday 12:00
Ends: Saturday 14:30

Event Details

Address:The Imaginarium
32 Southwark Street

Post code:SE1 1TU


Telephone:07784 506494

Open hours:12noon-2.30pm


London is always in gentle revolution and we are blessed to live and work in colourful communities of folk who are making the city greener and wilder through cultivating community gardening projects and medicine gardens. Radical herbalist Nicolas Culpeper (practicing in Spitalfields in the early 1600s) believed in using locally-sourced, sustainable herbs for medicine and treated many many people in need, often for free and in deprived parts of the city at a time when physicians of the Royal College of Surgeons would only give their services to the wealthy. He saw health as being in the public domain, not a commercial secret and we herbalists today share this approach. We are developing mutual care, shared community health and knowledge of using plant medicine in our homes - so bringing back a healing apothecary in every neighbourhood is the vision! Offering plant medicines we have grown and gathered in our street planters, gardens, allotments and local wild places. The Radical Potions workshop at The Imaginarium will revisit some of those old apothecary remedies and the self-help guidance ethos of Culpeper. We will explore how people, often wise women healers in the domestic setting, were working with health in centuries past in London and share some traditional recipes. The beautiful workshop venue is set close to the old Herb Garret and Borough Market on the river, sites of plant medicine and the herbs and spices of the grocers. We will taste the plague remedy Four Thieves Vinegar and make a couple of potions for winter ailments that you will take home with you, along with inspiration and new skills to get creative with medicinal herbs through the season! 30% of proceeds from this workshop will go to support the London Herbalists Without Borders campaign: making and offering plant medicine & herbal healthcare and solidarity to people in need. Tickets: £30