Windrush Time Capsule

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article thumb - Decolonsising the Archive presents Windrush Time Capsule

Decolonsising the Archive presents Windrush Time Capsule

Embark on a journey between the future and the past. Two scientists realise the unfortunate transition the world is about to take and begin the journey to save the message of The Wise One for the generations to come.


Starts: Saturday 18:30
Ends: Saturday 21:30

Event Details

Address:The Africa Centre
66-68 Great Suffolk Street

Post code:SE1 0BL

Tickets:Early bird tickets £7.00
Regular tickets £8.14


This immersive and energetic theatre piece, explores African and Caribbean legacies and their future beyond the arrival of the Windrush generation through drama, movement and visual art. It draws inspiration from the work of Fowokan George Kelly, sculptor, musician, artist, custodian of black cultural archives and a living archive of the Windrush generation. He has worked with young director David Gilbert and writer Connie Bella to create the piece. Watch the trailer here.

The project is funded by Southwark Council’s Black History Month programme in recognition of the emphasis it places on aligning heritage institutions with young artists who are working with elders within the community, creating a legacy that is monumental, beautiful, rich and useful. Its aim is to create regeneration by utilising embodied tenants via important memories, buildings and communities already within the framework and tapestry of Southwark.

Fowokan George Kelly

George Kelly was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1943 and exhibits under the name Fowokan, a Yoruba word meaning, ‘one who creates with the hand’. He is mainly self-taught and has been a practising sculptor since the late 1970s.

Fowokan came to the visual arts relatively late in life and chose not to be trained in western art institutions as he felt they could not teach him what he wanted to know. “They were too deeply entrenched in their own traditions with little or no understanding or interest in the things that interested me most, which are the ideas that lie behind the art and culture of Africa” Instead, his work is rooted in the traditions of pre-colonial Africa and ancient Egypt rather than the Greco Roman art of the west.

Not only is Fowokan a true ‘Elder’ of the UK black art scene, he is an avid collector and archivist, as demonstrated by his website, where posters and ephemera documenting the emergent scene during the 1980s and 90s can be found alongside his own work.

Fowokan has received commissions to produce works for the South Bank Spring Festival, Marcus Garvey Centenary celebrations and the African People’s Historical Monument Foundation. He has exhibited at the Studio Museum Harlem, the British Museum and the Royal Academy, London. His sculptures are in collections such as the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute  Harvard University, the University of the West Indies, Unilever and Marcus Garvey Park, as well as in private around the world.

David Gilbert, S&K Project

The S+K Project is a theatre and performing arts company started by young people who were unable to make a breakthrough in popular theatre spaces. They created this company as a DIY solution to creating their own platforms with the objective of making the arts for everyone. Launching in September 2014, under the direction of theatre-makers Malakaï Sargeant and Steven Kavuma, they have gone on to write, direct and produce half a dozen original plays in collaboration with the likes of the Royal Court Theatre, the Courtyard Theatre, Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, Battersea Arts Centre, Camden People’s Theatre and Hackney Showroom.

Windrush Timecapsule is their launch production for the London Borough of Southwark

Connie Bella, the Africa Centre 

Connie Bella the writer of Windrush Timecapsule is a playwright and heritage curator based in Southwark at The Africa Centre, where she curates heritage arts and community engagement events and programs. 

She has built an Afro-futurist play around the living archive stories of Fowokan Kelly and is using his piece, The Mitochondrial Eve as a muse and archive installation to engage the community in the history around Windrush and how to go beyond. 



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