Fairer future for all vision

The council will create a fairer future for all in Southwark by:

  • protecting the most vulnerable
  • looking after every penny as if it was our own
  • working with local people, communities and businesses to innovate, improve and transform public services
  • standing up for everyone's rights

As a central London borough, our mission is to enhance the things that make Southwark special - its immense diversity and vast depths of untapped potential. Helping to unlock those talents, with nobody left behind, is what we're about as a council.

People in the borough should be able to enjoy the enormous benefits and seize the opportunities that living in central London offers. The council has its part to play as one of many working to deliver a fairer future.

Between us, we have the knowledge, skills and creativity to solve the major problems we're facing together. This spirit of cooperation goes beyond just problem-solving.

We'll look honestly at everything we do and ask 'can we do it better?'. We'll work to get things right the first time, every time and say so when things have gone wrong. We'll improve our customer service with our citizens and get them more involved with local decision making.

Our approach is underpinned by empathy, openness and trust. This is not a borough where cultures clash, but where by coming together Southwark residents create a strong sense of community. We'll reflect this as an organisation by showing residents true compassion and the same care and consideration that we show members of our own families.

We'll build a fairer place to live, where our tenants have homes that are warm, dry and safe, and where we care for the old and vulnerable.

The council will put in place policies that support young people to make the best of themselves with access to the jobs, the best education and training opportunities that living in the heart of the capital city should offer.

We'll work together with residents, businesses and partners to transform public services for the people of Southwark. We'll foster a culture of innovation and imagination that enables us to build a brighter future for all.

We'll also work with our residents and the police to make the streets safer. We'll encourage healthy lifestyles among individuals and families by having quality parks, open spaces and leisure services.

Over the longer term, regeneration in the north of the borough will continue to pull the benefits of being in the centre of London southwards towards Elephant and Castle and beyond. This regeneration must work for local people and the benefits be felt right across the borough.

We know that, given the levels of deprivation in Southwark, the cuts to our budget will disadvantage our borough disproportionately. But we'll be guided by our budget principles and will listen to local people, seek to protect our most vulnerable residents, whilst at the same time aiming to preserve quality front-line services for all of our residents.

We have to focus our limited resources on the areas where we feel we can make the most positive impact in delivering our fairer future vision. But securing a fairer future is more than just what the council can do with its own resources. The borough has a rich array of talents, for example those who are helping others day in day out through local voluntary and community organisations, and strong communities in street after street across our borough. 

We know that we have challenging years ahead. But we've listened to local people and have identified five fairer future principles that will underpin our work and will guide the ten fairer future promises that we have made to help deliver our vision.

Page last updated: 08 August 2017