Equality objectives

We believe quality is central to the day to day delivery of our services and our approach (pdf, 79kb) goes beyond the statutory duty.

We've agreed a number of overarching equality objectives that are linked to our strategic priorities below:

  • improve the quality of life for Southwark's people through better access to services and creating sustainable mixed communities with opportunities for local people
  • improve social cohesion by promoting positive relationships and a sense of community and belonging, by reducing fear and tensions, and encouraging civic responsibility so that contributions of individuals and groups to their communities are properly valued
  • promote people's rights and responsibilities by ensuring we provide leadership and by encouraging our partners to do likewise - we'll protect the rights of local residents by ensuring that abuse, mistreatment and discrimination are identified and dealt with
  • ensure we have a workforce that understands and is committed to achieving these goals and retains the confidence of our local communities - once agreed these objectives will form part of our annual performance report along side future target setting

Our Council Plan sets out how we'll work to achieve these overarching objectives and deliver our fairer for all vision

Page last updated: 27 June 2017