Old maps of Southwark

Historical maps can open windows to our past proving useful for family historians, pupils or for anyone with an interest in Southwark's development.

View 19th and 20th century Ordnance Survey maps

The interactive historical map viewer allows you to:

  • switch between Ordnance Survey maps from 1896, 1896 to 1899, 1915 to 1920, 1938 and 1949 to 1954
  • zoom in and out and explore the old maps on screen
  • search for modern day addresses and see how the area looked in years gone by
  • add modern day features such listed buildings and conservation areas
  • view modern day maps and aerial photography
  • access a help guide

Launch the Ordnance Survey maps viewer

View scanned maps of Southwark from 1572 to 1899

We've scanned our old paper map originals and posted them online for you to download. The maps are varied in size, subject and style. Some focus on the whole borough, some on parts of the borough. In all, there are sixteen maps ranging from 1572 to 1899.

Page last updated: 17 November 2017