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June 2018

Licence revocation decisions take effect

Two appeals against decisions of the Licensing Sub-committee were heard at Camberwell Green Magistrates Court.

In the first hearing, concerning Peckham Food & Wine at 176 Peckham High Street, SE15, appeals against decisions to revoke the premises licence held by Kiran Isar, and refuse a transfer to Safeer Abbas Shah, were dismissed.  Costs of £11,075 were ordered to be paid to the Council.

During the second hearing an appeal against the revocation of the premises licence held by Ghulam Rasool for Superdeals (AKA Food & Wine) at 4 Camberwell Church, was withdrawn at the beginning of proceedings and the appeal formally dismissed. This was after the Court refused to join the proceedings with an appeal against a decision not to grant transfer of the licence. Costs of £12,321 were ordered to be paid to the Council.

The Licensing Sub-committee took the original revocation decisions following reviews instigated by trading standards, and refused transfers following objections by the Police.  This  was due to multitude of regulatory breaches at both premises involving the supply of illicit  super strength beers, underage sales of alcohol and breaches of various licensing conditions. There was also evidence of illegal migrant workers being on the premises in sub-standard conditions at the Peckham premises where the Home Office also issued a £10,000 civil penalty to Peckham Food and Wine Limited.

Designer name goods seized at hair salon

Over 300 items designer name goods were seized from a hair salon in Rotherhithe, SE16. The haul included shoes, sunglasses, handbags and clothing items all of which were believed to be counterfeit.

Scams Awareness Month

As part of a national campaign by Citizens Advice and trading standards an interactive scams awareness presentation was given at Yalding Day Centre to carers, clients and other professional stakeholders.

Repairs or adjustments required for 28% of weighing equipment checked

Collation of annual weights and measures inspection data showed that nearly one third of 90 retail weighing scales checked in smaller grocery, butchers and fishmonger shops required corrective action to bring them into legal compliance.  9% were prohibited from use until rectified. Of 149 petrol pumps checked 3% required corrective action.

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