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Underage sales test purchasing

Three days of test purchasing took place in a partnership operation with the Metropolitan Police as part of their Operation Sceptre and Autumn Nights Campaign. 43 test purchases were conducted by volunteers under the age of 18 who attempted to buy fireworks, knives, alcohol or cigarettes at stores throughout the borough.

All 13 firework sellers refused to sell to the volunteers whilst only one out of nine sold alcohol or cigarettes. Four out of 13 shops sold a knife to the volunteers.

Licence suspended  

Following a review of the licence of Alpha Off Licence at 24 Peckham Rye, London SE15 4JR, instigated by trading standards, the council’s Licensing sub-committee decided to suspend the licence for one month and modify the licence conditions. The review was brought following alleged breaches of various licensing conditions and other concerns related to the prevention of crime and disorder and the protection of children from harm. The decisions does not take effect until the expiry of the 21 day appeal period, or any such appeal has been heard

Page last updated: 07 November 2017