Business waste and recycling

A good waste management plan will save your business money, will reduce its impact on the environment and will help you comply with the law.

Business waste and the law

There are a number of important pieces of legislation concerning waste that businesses need to be aware of and comply with.

Download our factsheet on businesses and waste (pdf, 34kb) to get an overview of the legislation and your main obligations.

Waste and recycling collection services

Many commercial waste service providers offer recycling collections for materials like paper and cardboard, mixed glass, cans and plastic bottles.

Recycling services can also be arranged for more unusual waste such as batteries, vegetable oil and mobile phones.

Recycling collections can be cheaper than normal commercial waste collections so recycling can save you money.

You have a duty to ensure that your waste does not pollute the environment

Remember that you are responsible for making sure that the waste carrier you use is registered with the Environment Agency. If in doubt, you can check with the Environment Agency by phoning 0800 807 060 (find out about call charges).

Waste and recycling collection providers

As a business you are responsible for making sure that the waste carrier you use is registered with the Environmental Agency. The carrier you use should be able to provide you with the documents you need ie waste transfer notes and a formal waste contract.

You don't need to have a waste collection contract with an organisation in order to receive their recycling services.

Please note we don't endorse or recommend any particular service provider. Through a simple internet search you can easily find a licenced waste carrier or commercial recycling provider. Often both services can be provided by the same organisation.

Last updated: 17 November 2016