Strategies, plans and reports

Air quality improvement strategy and action plan

The main aims of the strategy and action plan are to:

  • reduce emissions from motorised vehicles
  • reduce emissions from existing fixed sources
  • reduce emissions from new developments
  • protect public health by monitoring air quality

We will review the current strategy and action plan in 2017.

More information on the strategy

Air Quality Improvement Strategy and Action Plan (pdf, 6mb)

2014 Progress Report LB Southwark (pdf, 19.9mb)

Southwark Air Quality Annual Status Report 2015 (pdf, 556kb)

2015 Updating and Screening Assessment (pdf, 11.8mb)

Southwark Air Quality Annual Status Report 2016 (pdf, 1.6mb)

Southwark Air Quality Annual Status Summary Report 2016 (pdf, 664kb)

Other documents and reports relevant to air quality

Local Plan

Southwark's Biodiversity Plan

Southwark's Transport Plan (pdf, 6.8mb)

Southwark's Open Space Strategy (pdf, 7.2mb)

Southwark's Tree Management Strategy (pdf, 900kb)

Sustainability Policy/Strategy - Currently under review

Last updated: 28 June 2017